No 1 Bio

Hey Im James. Full-Stack Developer who can pretty much execute any project for you. I focus on Node, React and PHP to deliver high quality digital products. I come from years of QA, so you know my code is flawless ;) I can and do act as a Tech/Team Lead, or a hands-on dev. Love it all. I also have the chops and experience to deploy digital campaigns that can scale with the growth. Experience working with AWS, GCP, Heroku, CircleCI or any specific architecture the client requires. Send me a note, let's chat about your next project.

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No 2 Experience

12 plus years working in the tech world. Working on small microsites for Dominos, Old Navy, Kraft Mac & Cheese, to large applications for Ryder. Building React applications for the frontend and scalable API solutions on the backend is my focus. Enjoy creating custom CMS solutions that help drive a rich and dynamic user experience for both the client and end user. Keeping up with the ever constant changes in the development community is a must.